Snow Mountain 1

Wonderous and Mystical, snow has been one of the very things I longed to see in my childhood. The thought of actually seeing it made me giddy. I longed to roll in it. Longed to feel it. I made a promise to myself many years ago, when I saw fake snowflakes in Ballarat, that I will experience snow and be like those in cartoons and TV shows. But I soon realised it was a promise I couldn’t keep.

8th July 2018

DING, DING. DING, DING! My alarm went off. A clumsy hand of a mine reached out and knocked the alarm over. Not that I intended, but… Oh well. Looks like I have to buy a new one. Ominous, Gray clouds blanketed the blue sky as I rubbed my eyes out of unconsciousness. ‘Normal Winter Day’ I mumbled. I made myself get out of bed.

Just as my warm feet touched the ice cold floor, last night’s recount came back into my mind. It was like a river of experience flooding back to me. I WAS GOING TO THE MOUNTAINS WITH GARY!!! HOW COME I FORGOT? OMGOMGOMG… I rushed out of my room dressed in woollen jumpers and two layers of fur leggings. I rushed out of my room and I hurriedly ate my breakfast made of porridge and toast.


I boarded the car with Gary wearing 6 layers on. I have never had this many layers on, even in Canada! I finally now know what it feels like to be obese. I can’t even fit my rain coat on! Every time I put on one button… POP! The other one pops out. I was getting more irritated the second and I only got as far as 3/6. POP,POP,POP!!!


My Brain felt over washed. I’ve been sitting in this air packed car for “I don’t know how many years”. I had enough. This humid air is killing me. I swung open the door and stomped outside. For a few seconds, I felt cool and good. But after 10 seconds, I felt a strong gust of winter wind that blew off my rain coat. The snow under me felt cold and hard. Rain pounded my head as I desperately climbed into the car again. That was when small pieces of ice and snow started pounding the car. Bang! Bang! Bang!


My poor raincoat… Poor me…. This is not what I expected what would happen on a snow mountain.

Los Angeles 3

I woke up the next morning refreshing and late. I stretched and pulled on my clothes. Apparently, my dad and grandpa had been very busy. The luggage’s we used last night were already in the car. Clothes had been stashed into the bags as well. I quickly ate my porridge and packed up my bag, getting ready to go.

As we left I took a look at the room. It was clean like it was before. Satisfied, I rushed out to join my parents.

Los Angeles 2

I woke up 2 hours later. That was when it came to my instincts that something heavy was lying on me. I glanced sideways. Tracy, my little sister had her head on my shoulder. For a 5 year old, her head was really big for her. I gently lifted her head onto the pillow next to her and started to play some more games on the TV/Game devise on the back seat in front of me.

When the plane was descending, I shoved the my contents deeper into my bag and checked around my chair, searching for more of my properties I might have forgotten. Luckily there was none.

Withen less than 5 minutes, the aircraft has successfully parked and ready for passengers to come off the plane. As we unpacked and entered Los Angeles airport, I wondered whether it was like Melbourne airport. Or it might be different?

Like my guess, Los Angeles airport was indeed like a lot like Tullamarine. A big difference though, was that they had two ceilings, one with a cool design with coloured wool hanging from the top. We made our way to the baggage claim, coming across many security passport checks. After we made it out, we took a bus to some sort of car rental. From there, dad booked a 7 seater car with two booster seats. By the looks of it, it was very expensive. We climbed into the DODGE car and drove off.

My dad found out that the Americans drive on their right. However Australians keep on their left. We drove to our hotel in the crambed car but found ourselves quite lost due to the issue with the GPS. After 2 hours we finally found our hotel, we couldn’t find where the entrance was! We circled around it, unknowing that we had past it several times. Unfortunately dad’s phone was turned off and the owner of our apartment has literally phoned him like 10 times. Luckily, dad finally turned on his IPhone and was shocked to find his phone call app overflowing. He took it and phoned back and we met to follow him to the entrance to the building. Bless God!

We unpacked our belongings and took most of our essential belongings into the apartment. I took the queen sized bed next to my grandparents along with my bag and IPad. As dad and mum went for a shop in the streets, I took out my IPad and began to read Harry Potter on the internet…

After 30 minutes I put my IPad into my bag and yawning, I climbed into bed and fell soundly asleep.

Airport Transfer

Los Angeles 1


Finally, the big day has come. We packed up our last belongings for the trip and waited outside the brick doorsteps. It wasn’t long before the taxi van arrived. The driver climbed out and helped to load the luggage onto the lifter and with a final ‘POOF’, the bags tumbled into the van. What am I talking about of course? We are going on a holiday to Los Angeles.

Dad, Mum, Tracy, Trina, Grandma, Grandpa and I set out on the way to Tullamarine Airport. Dad and Mum talked in Chinese about what we might have forgot. I felt a bit embarrassed about how my parents are behaving, that the driver couldn’t understand what we were saying. But I soon learned not to care, since the driver was also talking foreign. As we entered the Airport at last, Dad said ‘That was so quick!’ I rolled my eyes. ‘That’s because you were talking the whole way here with Mum’, I said. But dad didn’t seem to hear me. He was too busy paying the taxi driver his fees. I turned and walked briskly into the airport. It was crowded. People young and old stalked the paths and counters. The receptionist desk had a long line in front of it. I was so busy examinating, I didn’t hear my parents calling. It was then that I realised that I had been away for far too long. I ran back the way I had come but found my way blocked by a large trolley with a man behind.

He was hooded in the shadows until he walked out. It was dad. I let out my breath. ‘Stop scaring yourself!’ I scolded me. Dad held out his hand and put it on my shoulder. ‘Trevor, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!’  dad said. His tone was like a worried expression. I shook him off. ‘Lets go’, I said like nothings wrong. We took our trolleys and guided them to the drop off area for the bags. As dad shipped them to America, I wondered abut the threats and challenges we might face for this journey. Soon I got bored and took out my IPad and went into the app, My Playgrounds. It was a coding website for kids, and I liked to play on it whenever I was bored.

After like another half an hour, dad wasn’t done. I knew something was wrong, so I went over with my IPad under my arm and asked ‘Dad, what is taking so long?’ He only shook me off. ‘Wait a little while more’ he said, not looking up. I huffed. I walked casually to the bench beside the receptionest and opened my IPAD again.

A hour past. Dad walked over and announced he had escorted the bagages to America. We took our remaining bags and took them to the bag check. After that we went to the gates and took a seat. We were flying to New Zealand first and Transfer on a flight to Los Angelous. There we will be staying for a few more days before we journey to Toronto in Canada.

We boarded our plane and slept for half an hour while watching TV until we arrived there. When we finally arrived at New Zealand, we came out and transferred onto the flight to Los Angeles. The Line was HUGE. It was like a long slithering Basilisk though made of people. Then, when we came to the check in, our mum had taken apples, so they had to confiscate them ( they were illegal to take into another country ).

After that, we boarded the plane to Los Angeles ( 11 hour flight ) and settled down for our dinner ( it was 10 o’clock). The flight attendants was handling out beef casserole and chicken rice bowls. I, personally would choose chicken, but for a change I chose the casserole. After dinner I played on the devise at the back of the seat in front of me.

Within a few hours I was already asleep. I dreamed about King Kong and Godzillas in mine craft…

and also Los Angeles.


On Saturday, my family went out to sign me up for extra after school classes. This year, my sister was also going to extra classes. I have 4 different classes to attend. They were, Chinese, Maths, English and Writing. I most enjoy maths the most because when you solve like a proper hard question, I feel a leap of joy in my heart every time i do it. My mum also told me we were meeting my old friend Gary there.

After we finally made it to my school, (Wesley College) we made our way down to the booking reception. When we entered the main building, I found that something was wrong. There was no people in the main building! My dad checked out the signs. The signs pointed back the way we came. So we went back and discovered another sign. this one said : turn left into main building. But we have just been in the main building! We went around in circles on end until my dad finally called the school reception lady. She said that the booking was at the first building of the school. So we went to the first building opposite of the cricket pitch. As we went in, I discovered my friend Gary was already there. It turns out we only missed him for about 5 minutes! So as my mum and his mum booked our classes.

Me and Gary talked about our recent events. I told him that my family was going to America, My dad told me 5 days ago. He was going back to china! ‘I have most of my relatives in China’, I said to him. ‘ I wish I was going back too!’

Great Ocean Road 1

Sorry For the late post but there had been other stuff going on and I couldn’t get around to this post for I had a holiday. But here it is! I hope you enjoy it! I will be posting 3 of these for you.

The Great Ocean Road 1

It was early in the morning when I woke up. It was a moment or two to realize that today was the day that we go on the great ocean road for the first time! I dressed quickly and quietly, not to wake my sisters and tiptoed to my cupboard. I pulled out my books and resources for the trip and stuffed them in my traveling bag.  Finally I came to my Teddy. This teddy was one of my treasured artefacts for it has been in my family for 15 years. I has been passed down from father to son, to me. I hesitated. ‘Dad will kill me for losing it.’ I scolded myself, ‘better not risk it.’ I pushed the contents in my bag deeper and threw them onto my bed. I then went into the kitchen.

I could tell that I had been in my room longer than I thought. The room was bustling around and my sisters have already woken up. I crossed the kitchen to my chair and sat down.  Today was a quick brekky. It was milk and toast as most days it was plain porridge and banana bread. I gulped down my milk and devoured my toast. I then went to my room and grabbed my book and bag, rushed around my room like a badger digging out a carrot and snatched a sunscreen roll and my jiggling bell my grandpa sent me for Christmas. A loud voice pierced the morning air ‘TREVOR, HURRY UP!’, ‘WAIT!!!’ I shouted back. I dashed out of the house and locked the door behind me. I jumped into the car and shut the door. Finally, we were off!!! I immediately brought out my book. I am a big fan of Harry Potter and I have read every single book in the series. I’m kind of obsessed with books. They lead my imagination far and wide from the real world where enchanted grows. Last time I read a book from 7.00PM to 10.00PM and I totally got yelled at. My dad was so angry that he took all my books and hid them away.

So the journey continued from 9.00AM to 10.00AM ( 1 hour ). When we parked I could tell this was not the great ocean road. So I asked ‘ Dad, where is this place? ‘ Well, the answer was both very exciting and surprising. He replied ‘ Adventure Park ‘ I was hardly believing my ears. I stuttered ‘ Pardon me? ‘ But dad did not reply. I stared into the distance in wonder. Was this real? I pinched myself. YOW!! I held out my arm holding it in pain. Nope this is definitely real!

The more we went in, more excited I became. The great landscape of the park was really coming to shape. The giant Ferris Wheel was towering over the lobby and the world’s famous giant water slide in Australia, the TORANADO was the most attracting of them all. Nearly the whole park’s people was coming towards it. Unfortunately I was not able to get on due to the massive wait filing out of the doorstep. I played on the giant racing slide and the long river run. I was so blown away by all of this that I couldn’t wait to even touch one. My mum insisted on eating lunch first but I wasn’t too keen. When I said I was full I dismissed myself from the table and went on the Big crazed Cha-Cha.

After all the other rides, My dad said that we should go home. It was 4 o’clock in the evening and personally I agreed. My muscles were aching from the exercise. But my sister totally disagreed. She insisted to go on another ride. We broke up in a small fight. Eventually I managed to convince her to go to our hotel and I shall give her a lollipop ( Which I never did ). She can never resist a lollipop.

In the car I fell asleep. I dreamed about my greatest adventure in adventure park and imagined I could fly. I knew I could not do either of these in my life but I did know my holiday was about to get more interesting.

Australia Open Day!

You’ll never guess what happened today! I was bloody interviewed by 7 NEWS!!!

It all started when my dad had insisted on going to Australian Open day, but I wasn’t too keen to go. To be honest with you, the main purpose was probably so that I can play games right after homework. Well I obviously lost the fight. I was dragged into the car like a suitcase boarding a plane and sat there like I never moved. As if my problems weren’t enough, we couldn’t find a place to park our car and I had to stay with dad because I didn’t have a ticket. So after like another hour, we finally found a spot (bless god) and narrowly parked there. We then walked 10 minutes to get to the entry and met my old friend, Gary. When I got in I could tell something was wrong.

It turns out this was planned and I can tell I was extremely late because the look on Gary’s face was murderous. After he accepted my apology, we played all sorts of things like the Nerf Gun Battle, Mini Tennis, Giant Flying Fox and a Mini rock climb. I couldn’t get on other’s because the rain was too hard and I had to take shelter. When I thought none of this would get any better, I was interviewed my 7 NEWSS!!!!! It was the moment of my life! Gary was so jealous, that he actually sweared under his breathe. After that, I was so happy I insisted to stay a little longer. Until like 4 o’clock the ballroom park was closing due to the such bad weather . So when I got home, I knew I had to write about this day.  Because it was such a moment of my life. Maybe the story could be told to my children one day!


The long waiting of school has finally come! Christmas was amazing, everyone had a great time opening presents and had a humongous yummy feast where everyone got along. That night we watched a movie called Home Alone where a child called Kevin is – you guessed it! Is at home … Alone!

That beautiful morning I woke at like… 5 AM and literally started ripping up the presents like a beaver making its hole. I was surprised to find a huge water gun the size of my forearm and in width of a tree branch. My sisters got the same thing but significantly smaller. We also received a $10 each made from Christmas wrapping paper.  Our mum insisted on making the house clean again ready for the New Year party. On Christmas Eve, I secretly snuck out and bought myself a $10 Roblox gift card and addressed it into my account. Unfortunately, It was unsuccessful and Roblox stole my Robux. I silently cursed under my bed all night and sometimes my eyes even leaked.

I am now definitely looking forwards into the holidays because my dad had told me I was going to America and Canada for a holiday and then to Sydney. I was also going to have a play date with Yuxiang (my best friend) and maybe have a sleepover with Gary (another friend).

That is all for today and look forward for another post this week.

Bike ED

Tuesday 21st of November

Today was Bike Ed. The long frantic preparation had begun. I anxiously climbed out of bed and dressed. As I dressed I wondered what group I would be in. I wanted to be in Blue – but that was impossible. Dad had rated me Low and personally, I disagreed. My biking skills to, my opinion was average because I could accelerate uphill easily in my gears. ‘Low’ he said. ‘because you cried on your way up last time from Jells park.’ That was true but that was long back in year 3.

Finally I was ready to go to school. As a helper, Dad had to bring his bike to ride alongside us. When we went up to school I asked Dad. ‘Why did you bring your bike?’ I regretted it immediately. Dad frowned. ‘I’m a volunteer, of course I need to bring a bike, you expect me to run alongside you?’ I opened my mouth to speak but thought a better of it.

I was placed in Gold, 5th best group. I frowned. I didn’t think I was that bad! I sighed. ‘Great’, I thought as I saw Ben, the school bully put on his gold bib. ‘Now I’m with him.’

As I accelerated along with my group all I could think about was moving up and avoiding Ben. I glanced behind me. Ben, gazed back with his charcoal eyes, twisting his mouth into a small smirk. I quickly turned back. I pedaled faster ready to overtake Jill, a girl in my class.

Suddenly disaster struck. Ben rammed into my bike. As I toppled over my bike, went out of control and smashed into Jill’s. We both crumpled to the floor. A strong hand hauled me up. I gazed into the eyes of Mrs Gartheram my Sports teacher. As I recovered from my fall, I could faintly hear Ben frantically explaining that he had not pushed the brakes and bumped into me on accident. I spat on the ground. ‘Your going to pay Ben, oh yes you will’ I muttered evilly under my breath.

Lake Entrance Camp site- Holiday – Part 1

What a lovely morning, the sun was high and the morning breeze against the stained glass. I got up pretty early to do my daily morning routine. Today’s breakfast was hot chocolate and buns. After breakfast, It was already 8 o’clock  and I haven’t even packed yet! PANIC! I slugged my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Brushing my teeth takes ages and my sister, Tracy, started banging on the door slightly irritated. Then when my mum said ”  YOUR LATE FOR SCHOOL !”, I run out, swish pass my sister (red faced), pick up my school bag and slam the door behind me. Then as a bad habit I always forget something, like an exercise book, homework or some other junk. Like when I wake up at 6, I’ll be at school at 9:30. ( But that is on school days).

Anyway, today was Sunday so it took even longer to brush my teeth because mum didn’t remind me. When I finally made it out the bathroom my sister was downstairs arguing to mum about me. I quickly packed my stuff and headed for the door. And when I say quickly, I mean slowly. And when I say slowwwwwlyyyyy, I mean awfully slowly.

When we managed to get everything onto our car, we set off, on our way to our campsite. For the first few minutes, the holiday was going well. It was then dad turned the wrong corner and mum and dad started arguing. Mum blamed dad for not driving properly, while dad snapped at mum for yelling at him and losing his concentration. When we thought things could get any worse, one of the wheels broke. “Some holiday this is turning out to be” I thought bitterly.  At this rate we won’t get to the campsite before dark  ( 🙁 ). Mum and Dad reassured everyone that everything was OK and everything would be fine before we went to sleep.

But, boy they were wrong.