Australia Open Day!

You’ll never guess what happened today! I was bloody interviewed by 7 NEWS!!!

It all started when my dad had insisted on going to Australian Open day, but I wasn’t too keen to go. To be honest with you, the main purpose was probably so that I can play games right after homework. Well I obviously lost the fight. I was dragged into the car like a suitcase boarding a plane and sat there like I never moved. As if my problems weren’t enough, we couldn’t find a place to park our car and I had to stay with dad because I didn’t have a ticket. So after like another hour, we finally found a spot (bless god) and narrowly parked there. We then walked 10 minutes to get to the entry and met my old friend, Gary. When I got in I could tell something was wrong.

It turns out this was planned and I can tell I was extremely late because the look on Gary’s face was murderous. After he accepted my apology, we played all sorts of things like the Nerf Gun Battle, Mini Tennis, Giant Flying Fox and a Mini rock climb. I couldn’t get on other’s because the rain was too hard and I had to take shelter. When I thought none of this would get any better, I was interviewed my 7 NEWSS!!!!! It was the moment of my life! Gary was so jealous, that he actually sweared under his breathe. After that, I was so happy I insisted to stay a little longer. Until like 4 o’clock the ballroom park was closing due to the such bad weather . So when I got home, I knew I had to write about this day.  Because it was such a moment of my life. Maybe the story could be told to my children one day!

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