On Saturday, my family went out to sign me up for extra after school classes. This year, my sister was also going to extra classes. I have 4 different classes to attend. They were, Chinese, Maths, English and Writing. I most enjoy maths the most because when you solve like a proper hard question, I feel a leap of joy in my heart every time i do it. My mum also told me we were meeting my old friend Gary there.

After we finally made it to my school, (Wesley College) we made our way down to the booking reception. When we entered the main building, I found that something was wrong. There was no people in the main building! My dad checked out the signs. The signs pointed back the way we came. So we went back and discovered another sign. this one said : turn left into main building. But we have just been in the main building! We went around in circles on end until my dad finally called the school reception lady. She said that the booking was at the first building of the school. So we went to the first building opposite of the cricket pitch. As we went in, I discovered my friend Gary was already there. It turns out we only missed him for about 5 minutes! So as my mum and his mum booked our classes.

Me and Gary talked about our recent events. I told him that my family was going to America, My dad told me 5 days ago. He was going back to china! ‘I have most of my relatives in China’, I said to him. ‘ I wish I was going back too!’

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